6202 Charles Street
Rockford, Illinois 61108
A division of Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery


Arlington Pet Cemetery offers a wide range of services to fit any budget, including the following:

  • Grave Site Service Accommodations
  • Custom Pet Cremation
  • Ground Interment
  • Seasonal Flowers and Wreaths
  • Benches, Flower Urns & Floral Staff
  • Pet pick-up services


Our cremation service is called "Custom Cremation". Unlike other cremation services, we guarantee single animal cremation, for all domestic-sized animals. There is no mixing of animal remains.

Cremation has become a more popular alternative in recent years. It is less expensive than ground burial, although many people also select cremation because of personal preference. The cremated remains (cremains) can be saved in an urn, buried, or scattered. If the pet owner wants to, they may witness any part of the cremation process.



All of our burials are individual burials. Pet owners can select the burial location. We have a wide variety of reasonably priced wood and fiberglass caskets, vaults, and monuments which are on display.


If you wish to have a traditional gravesite funeral, or a private viewing before the burial, our staff will help make the necessary arrangements.

We encourage Pre-need visits and arrangements. Please contact our staff for information or an appointment to visit the Cemetery.


Arlington Pet Cemetery is a division of "Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery"

 Markers - Bronze & Granite

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Cremation Urns

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